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Attorney Joe Taraska is a Florida-based legal professional who holds over 40 years of experience in litigation. Joe’s legal career began after graduating from the United States Air Force Academy in 1969 where he was chosen as the academy’s outstanding cadet in law. Mr. Taraska would go on to earn his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Post-graduation, Joseph Taraska was competitively selected to participate in special training held at the Air Force Eastern Regional Medical Center, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, and held a position as Forensic Medical and Legal Consultant for the United States Air Force.

Joseph Taraska has notably served in a variety of capacities within the legal field over the course of his career. Mr. Taraska has worked as a Medical-Leal Consultant and Judge Advocate for the US Air Force and an associate and partner at Maguire Voorhis, and Wells, P.A in Orlando. Mr. Taraska founded his own firm in 1981 specializing in health law. He subsequently merged his practice into the national firm of Morgan & Morgan P.A. . He continues to specialize in health Law, medical malpractice and product liability. He has represented healthcare institutions, insurers, healthcare professionals, and those who have suffered injuries as a result of healthcare and defective products during his work in statewide litigation practices.

In 1984, Joseph Taraska was a founding partner of Taraska, Grower, Unger, and Ketchum, P.A. Mr. Taraska also served on various boards and committees during this time period such as serving on the Bioethics Committee of Florida Hospital and council to the CEO of Central Florida’s Adventist Health Systems. In 2009, attorney Joe Taraska joined the Morgan & Morgan, P.A team in Orlando Florida specializing in medical products, product liability, medical malpractice, and complex litigation.

Over the course of Joseph Taraska’s career, he has contributed to the legal community through a variety of publications and lectures addressing the intersection between law and healthcare. Mr. Taraska has written and edited the books “The Florida Healthcare Professionals’ Medico-Legal Guide” and “A Legal Guide for Physicians”, both setting standards for conversations within health and legal frameworks. Joe has also contributed chapters in numerous medical texts and journal articles on law and medicine. Joseph Taraska has also received awards and accolades in recognition of his work including becoming a Super Lawyer in 2007, Martindale’s highest rating for Outstanding Legal Ability and Ethics, first place for the Florida Medical Associations’ Medical Speaker’s Award, and more.

Colleagues of Mr. Taraska attest to the fact that he is a professional with extensive knowledge of the legal field and his areas of expertise. Joseph Taraska is positively regarded for his commitment to innovative legal processes. Those who have worked with Joe also recognize that he cares deeply about his legal community and has contributed to conversations, played a vital role on professional boards, and seeks to bring value to the public through frequent legal content accessible to all. Clients also offer testimonials that attorney Joseph Taraska cares a great deal about upholding a person-first legal approach and has built a reputation of dedication to protecting their rights in court. They also note that Mr. Taraska remains on the cutting edge of his profession and excels at developing legal solutions that will bring success to his clientele. 

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Joseph Taraska aims to leverage his decades of experience within the legal field to share comprehensive, high-level content valuable to individuals exploring the space. Whether you are an experienced legal professional, a client, or an up-and-coming attorney, Joe Taraska will provide a variety of legal resources that explain key processes, trends, best practices, and more. Future posts will feature topics such as the qualities to look for in an attorney, a look at the complexities of medical malpractice lawsuits, insights for law students looking to stand out among competition, and more.

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